Asavari Hotels & Suites

Our Story…

“Did we manage to pick up the organic honey?”
“Yes, it’s next to the eggs, have you called the laundry wala?”
“Done, he said he’ll come by 5:30, what about sending the location to the guest’s checking in tomorrow?”
“I’m calling them soon, I’ll ask what they want for dinner too. Answer the phone. Bhuvan is calling…make sure you ask him if he’s arranged the cutlery or not… alsi ho gaya hai.”

As time passes by filled with tears of joy, stress and sweat, managing operations, trying and testing various combinations of food; some of them being our adventures while others are suggestions from our guests. Best one so far… Buttermilk with a dash of vodka and Oven baked homemade sourdough bread.

We started Asavari Hotels and Suites with the absolute thought of working, trying and testing ways in which we could bring together and blend the old world hospitality experiences alongside the new world’s nuances. Since the year 2016 that’s the idea that travels with us.
Wherever we go, be it the desert in Rajasthan, the mountains of Nainital or the forests of Corbett.

Our journey hasn’t been as smooth flowing as the conversation above, we’ve had our ups and downs, be it making rash decisions in terms of buying blankets in Nainital, or taking a family trip from Delhi to Nainital with our coffee machine in the back seat (not a great idea). However, one thing that we had decided before we stepped into the sea was, whatever we do, has to be from the heart and make sure to give our guests the fondest of memories to look back on; be it hosting a lunch for a couple or a week long stay for a joint family of 20 people.

Over our 4 year journey, we’ve practiced a lot of hurdles and race courses and are now as prepared as a racehorse going for the Derby. We’re experienced in … and are currently offering culinary experience trips, Cottages for stays in Uttarakhand and Rajasthan, Corporate stays based in Gurgaon.